AE fancoil units come in 5 different types and 7 different models, including the option to add a single-row heating coil unit that is compatible with 4 pipe systems.

The types include concealed floor and ceiling units without cassette (Type 02, 03, 04), as well as ceiling units with cassette that can be mounted on the ceiling (Type 01) and floor standing units with cassette (Type 00).


The construction of this unit is made from galvanized sheet metal that ranges from 0.8 to 1 mm in thickness. All models are designed with open mounting holes, allowing for easy installation on both walls and ceilings. A standard main drain pan is included on all models, which is insulated with 3mm thermal insulation to prevent condensation. Additionally, a separate dripping pan is provided to collect any condensate water from the water inlet/outlet connections. Special press work is applied to the sheet metal in order to minimize noise and vibration, resulting in a reinforced structure.


This cassette is both modern and decorative, featuring a standard white (RAL 9002) electrostatic powder-painted and baked construction made of 0.8-1mm galvanized sheet metal. Accessing the plastic shutters and control panel is made easy thanks to the moving side caps. The cassette's air outlet is equipped with air blades that blow air out at a 60° angle.


The copper pipes of this unit feature standard size aluminum fins that are fixed using a mechanical expansion method, ensuring the highest thermal efficiency. The water inlet and outlet connections are threaded with brass and range from 1/2" to 3/4". Depending on the viewing angle, the unit can be manufactured with either left or right-side pipe connections.

4. FAN

This unit utilizes dynamically and statically balanced double inlet centrifugal fans that are driven directly. The number of fans used, whether it be 1, 2, or 3, depends on the specific model. As a standard feature, the fan motor is connected to 3 different speed settings. The unit operates quietly and safely thanks to the direct driven fans, which eliminate any potential balance issues.

On cassette models, a standard three-speed main switch is included. Additionally, a wall-mounted digital or analog thermostat is available as an optional feature.

This unit features a specially designed polypropylene filter with a G2 rating, which is easily removable and washable. The filter is installed on the air inlet.

AE Fancoil Units Catalogue