The AKF 4-way cassette fan-coil units are designed with an aesthetically pleasing appearance for installation in false ceilings. These units are intended to provide optimal comfort conditions for heating and cooling the surrounding environment using hot or cold water. The AKF fan-coil units are compatible with both 2-pipe and 4-pipe applications.

Application Types;
- Offices, Showrooms, Stores.
- Hotels,
- Hospitals,
- Meeting and conference rooms,
- Cafe, restaurant and bakeries,
- Houses etc.

1- Proper temperature distribution in the room is ensured by the 4-way airflow feature.
2- With a slim design, this unit can be mounted on a ceiling with a minimum thickness of 260mm, even in confined spaces.
3- Installation is easy and cost-effective, as there is no need to insulate with air inlet and outlet or to connect ducts when compared to concealed ceiling duct-type fan coils.
4- This unit comes standard with remote control, with a wired control option available.
5- The advanced 3D software usage and aerodynamic radial fan, along with large diameter turbine design, allows for automatic change of direction.
6- Operating quietly, this unit provides a peaceful environment.
7- The high-pressure water drainage pump (750mm) simplifies the design of the condensate drain pipe.
8- The float switch inside prevents leakage by shutting off the water valve and fan motor when the water level reaches a certain point, triggering an alarm.
9- An external drainage apparatus is optional.
10- Fresh air can be drawn from outside to improve indoor air quality. 11- An auxiliary channel leads a portion of the air to another place to further enhance indoor air quality.
12- A negative ion generator apparatus is optional.
13- An optional grid apparatus prevents hand injuries.
14- The rubber plug in the water collection pan makes it easy to manually drain the remaining water. Discharging the dirty water outside reduces the risk of health conditions and clogged pumps caused by harmful bacteria.

AKF (Cassette Type Faincoil Units) Catalogue