The AFC model consists of high static pressure fan-coil units that are available in 7 different types and a cooling capacity ranging from 4.25 kW to 24.5 kW.

These units are designed to be installed as concealed ceiling types, connected to a duct. They are also compatible with plenum boxes. Both 2-pipe and 4-pipe options are available.


This unit features a special design and is manufactured using 1.2 mm galvanized sheet metal.


The unit is equipped with a G4 type filter that is installed on the return air side. This filter is easily replaceable and washable.

3. FAN

This unit utilizes dynamically and statically balanced double-inlet centrifugal fans that are driven directly by electrical motors. The number of fans used depends on the specific model, ranging from 1 to 3. As a standard feature, the fan motors are connected to the thermostat and feature three different speed settings. The direct-driven fan motor assembly ensures that no balance problems occur during operation.

AFC (High Pressure Fancoil Units) Catalogue